Week 1 OF: Simplicity + Faith ( WEEKLY Devotional)

Week 1 OF: Simplicity + Faith ( WEEKLY Devotional)

This is Week 1 and we are focused in on Simplicity + Faith. Our belief is that 'When there is enough faith, simplicity blooms.

Reread that again. Now consider these two scriptures:

"Behold, God is my helper; the Lord is the upholder of my life" Psalm 54:4

"Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you" Psalm 37:5

While reading these two scriptures, I couldn't help but think about all the things I've attempted to do in my own strength (my own way making things harder) and the times that I considered, "This isn't something I need to inquire of God about, this is small and simple, I can just do it," then attempting, failing, restarting, and not finishing or even completing, but not feeling 'accomplished' instead stressed and dried/ DRAINED out!

I used to think that asking for God's wisdom, direction, or guidance was only necessary for big goals, big assignments, and times when I needed to answer fast! Meaning, I didn't consider the small daily/everyday things that I needed God's wisdom and direction for.

For example: Organizing my 'busy' day, how to respond to a rude email at my job, my eagerness to dig into my savings for McDonald's because I'm being lazy about cooking, dealing with my 4-year-old's temper tantrum, or even figuring out content for my business. (It may sound silly, but consider it lol)

The two scriptures tell us that we are to commit EVERYTHING we do unto the Lord and HE LITERALLY WILL HELP US IN ALL THINGS.

Commit: Completely giving something over to God while fully depending on Him.

He doesn't specify which things to commit unto him, but he too doesn't discern what we shouldn't (Of course no wickedness!)  It may sound silly to us, but in reality, it proves that God desires for us to be 'poor in spirit,' needing him in every part of our lives. (See Matthew 5:3) 

This tells us a lot about our Faith too. Do we just have faith for God to show up in the BIG SHOWTIME events, or do we have true faith and belief that he desires to show up and show out in all the areas of our life, to help us in all things?

If we have FAITH, BELIEF, and TRUST in him to be our helper in all things, simplicity truly blooms.

Just as a flower needs water and nutrients to flourish, our faith waters our everyday lives and allows simplicity to bloom.

With the watering of our faith comes an understanding that simplicity is made easier because…

  • We know who is in control
  • We know where our help comes from
  • We know that yesterday was the Lord's, today belongs to him, and tomorrow is in his hands.
  • We know God calls us to REST
  • We know that peace and balance live within God's gift of grace

(Of course, there is much more we can add to this list)

The complication, worry, doubt, unnecessary stress, etc. come in when we depend/ rest on our own understanding, our own way of doing things, and not seeking daily direction and wisdom from the Lord. We begin to lack the daily water & nutrients that supplement our faith, and eventually we dry ourselves out.

Question: What is something or a specific area (small or big) that you haven't committed (fully) over to God? Where has it been more YOU and not ALL OF GOD? COMMIT ON TO HIM IT THIS WEEK. EVERYDAY



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