About us

Hear from the Founder of SHEstationery.co & be inspired to become the best you! 

Hi, I'm Cali! Founder of SheStationery.co, aka #Sheiscommunity 

I'm delighted to have you join us at #SHEiscommunity, but I'm even more delighted to be a part of your journey of becoming, specifically your journey of EMBRACING the becoming. 

This all started with just a dream of selling regular stationery products in Marshalls and a heart for pushing others to see themselves from the inside out.

However, God told me that his glory will be connected to this. 

Can I be honest?

When God revealed this to me, I questioned my worthiness as a co-creator. I literally grappled with this revelation for three years because I struggled to see myself as He did. False beliefs about who I should be clouded my perception. It wasn't until I reached a point of surrender, admitting "Lord, my way isn't working, I don’t want to be this way anymore" that I embraced His guidance. It wasn't until I came to a place of true surrender that I was able to truly partner with God and move forth not only with SheStationery, but with the woman connected to it. The woman I was created to be. It wasn't until I started to come into agreement with the Lord's will, his way, and every word he spoke concerning me that I was able to be made whole and I was able to finally see myself as he did (does). 

I began to understand that it's about living in the truth of our identity in Christ, shedding false worldly perceptions and embracing wholeness. Surrendering completely allows us to let go of our former selves, pursuing completeness through the perspective of Christ's love, which heals, renews, and purifies us. This transformation grants us the boldness, confidence, and courage to show up in all the many areas he's calling us to!

I am grateful for this opportunity & to be in partnership with what He has done and has plans to do through the #SHEiscommunity platform.

Cali Ingram, Founder of SHEStationery.co